Giuseppe Marotta mengatakan bahwa ia puas dengan hasil drawing grup Liga Champions musim ini.
Juventus bertemu Atletico Madrid, Olympiacos FC and Malmo FF, malam ini di Forum Monaco Grimaldi, CEO klub mengatakan yakin akan mendapatkan tempat di fase group, dan ia mengatakan target tersebut sangat realistis.

“We’re satisfied with the outcome. There are teams like Malmo, who are currently in the middle of their season but will finish it in November, so the outcome of the ties will also depend on when they take place.Having said that, we must be aware of our club’s history and remember that qualification is certainly attainable. We now have a proven group of players that in recent years was undone by a lack of experience. I think that what happened last year will help us to not repeat the same mistakes again.” Giuseppe Marotta